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Affluence concept is a service company run by two professionals who have a combined experience of over 20 years in the international luxury and hospitality industry.

They bring together a wealth of experience servicing top international, elite and prestigious clients providing service with a passion. This management team provides leadership to the company, minimises any risks for a successful service solution, recruits the best personnel to provide outstanding service and anticipates the new solutions of the 21st century.
Do you need to travel at times to suit you and have direct flights to destinations which meet your needs? We can provide a private jet for longer travel and a helicopter for shorter distances to get to your meetings or key family events. On the ground our chauffeurs can take the stress out of your local journey or our holiday yachts will let you travel in exclusive privacy to coastal destination of your choice.
For longer stays, we can provide the home for you in one of the world's most prestigious neighbourhoods.

We have been managing every aspect of relocation, to or from major cities, for individuals and international companies over many years. That experience has taught us that the most successful relocations are the ones that result in everyone feeling happily settled in their new home.

Whether you need a house, an apartment, an alpine chalet or a mediterranean villa, we pay high levels of attention to personal details by listening to your needs and expectations.
For shorter stays, from traditional to modern, there is a generous selection of worldwide luxury hotels for us to select from. The diversity of the individual hotels and the experiences that we offer are exceptional.

As we have close relationships with the best hotels - we will find the exclusive hotel that is right for you. For a more unique private weekend away we will provide an alpine ski chalet or a relaxing family beach resort. At your private beach, a luxury yacht awaits you.
Have you forgotten to pick up the suit from the dry cleaners for a white tie dinner? Or maybe you need a booking at that hot newest restaurant that just opened? The only limit to the kinds of requests you can make is your imagination, and while we don't claim to be miracle workers, some of our clients might disagree.

We combine innovative concepts to deliver unparalleled, high-end, unique parties. Our dedicated, professional team ensures a calm, personalised service, careful planning and precise execution of spectacular, memorable events with maximum ambience, atmosphere and theatre wherever you want them.
special events
The demand for prestigious tickets is always high, as is the undeniable quality of events we can offer. From Moscow, Paris, London to Los Angeles, musicals to comedies, melodramas to mysteries, wherever your destination we will provide world-class entertainment.

No trip is complete without taking in a show. We will go that extra mile with our carefully chosen contacts to get you the best restaurants to make the most of your evening entertaining your colleagues, family or guests so that you can relax, knowing even the tiniest details are being taken care of.
Our aim is to provide you with the very best service to find the right educational institution for your qualifications, experience and goals. We will do this through the excellent relationships we have built up over many years with a wide range of education providers in schools and universities within the uk.

  • If you want your child to gain the benefits of the british boarding school system, we can help you to find a place in a range of over 150 uk boarding schools.
  • If you are looking to achieve the required level by uk universities or just want to improve your english, we can help you enroll in a course that is tailored to suit your needs. If you want to join a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate course, we can help you with your application process to secure your place at the course of your choice at various renowned uk universities.
Our management team has years of experience in the uk and international education industry. Let us know your needs and we will reply with information about your opportunities.
    Private health
    For that special hospital visit with the best possible care, it's critical to find an experienced doctor who can treat you at a top-rated hospital.

    But it's also important to be an informed patient, so you can have the right conversation with your doctor. We have contacts with the specialist consultants all around europe. We pay attention to every single detail to make sure our clients receive "only the best".
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